KISSY® is a lifestyle brand inspired by fashion and comfort. Following the brand concept of “extreme comfort, confidence and fearlessness”. KISSY® creates its extreme products that are designed through leading science and technology and capable of triggering the beautiful imagination of every user.

KISSY® continues to challenge the new level of industry quality and creates our exclusive products. We are proud of our scientific and technological innovation.

  • We have been specializing in underwear research, development and production, and striving to bring the ultimate care and enjoyment to consumers through our every product!
  • Every product of KISSY® is developed and produced by our own factory of hundred million scale, which ensures product quality from the source.
  • Through scientific and technological innovation, exclusive technology, special fabrics, exclusive patents, we are in pursuit of creating “irreplaceable ” KISSY® products! 


KISSY started as the OEM manufacturer of many of the worlds top brands of bras including; CK and Victoria’s Secret. After 18 years the company has started designing and manufacturing it’s own brand of lingerie.

KISSY® is changing the way women start their businesses and is committed to providing more entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial security.

  • Using internet + to turn customers into partners and pragmatically share excellent products.
  • Protecting the rights and interests of dealers and fulfilling the voluntary and fair cooperation
    reached by both parties of contracts.
  • Promoting the dealers’ business benefit by adopting the training system + pragmatic marketing + good products.
  • Customers can make an appointment to visit our factories and headquarters from time to time
    to have a true and comprehensive understanding of the project.
  • All dealers can enjoy the dedicated connecting for customer service, management background
    of cloud warehouse data, etc.

KISSY® brand not only represents comfortable underwear but also advocates a healthy culture of women’s breasts. The brand has signed a contract with the “Pink Ribbon” to jointly promote and carry out Pink Ribbon welfare undertakings. A donation of love will be made for every piece of sold underwear. Every KISSY® project participant can take part in a public welfare trip and has the opportunity to be officially authorized as the Pink Ribbon Public Welfare Promotion Ambassador.