When KISSY started to design the range of bras and panties it was important from the outset to design-in technologies to promote breast health. So the Classic Vest Bra, Sexy Strap Bra, and the Kids Bras and panties are all made with this in mind and employ an innovative new fabric called grandCOT.

The Platinum Lace Bra is made from natural materials: Modal, silk, natural Thai latex and seaweed fabric. The design and material choice of this luxury bra are also to promote breast health.

Inorganic Nano-Particles

Adding inorganic nano-particles during the high-temperature production processing does not adversely affect the characteristics of the Nylon yarn. The yarn still keeps its high strength, excellent absorption properties and bright appearance even after fabric dyeing. The inorganic nano-particle create an enhanced multifunction fabric with anti-bacterial, anti-odour, far-infrared radiation (FIR), negative ion emission, UV protection and moisture-wicking properties.

The inorganic nano-particles include light reactive materials and modified bamboo charcoal.

Light reactive material

During illumination, the light reactive material breaks down environmental substances harmful to humans and activates the anti-bacterial and anti-odour functions. Additionally, the reaction also changes the surface of grandCOT multifunctional yarn, improving water evaporation. So sweat will not stay on the skin for a long period of time.

Modified bamboo charcoal powder

Modified bamboo charcoal powder provides excellent anti-bacterial and moisture absorption properties. This helps to keep skin in a fresh and dry condition. Bamboo charcoal powder also adds the function of far-infrared radiation (FIR) and negative ion release, shown to improve microcirculation in the skin.

Far-Infrared Absorption

The grandCOT fabric KISSY bras are made from absorbs far infra-red radiation (FIR) trapping and absorbing heat.

FIR enters the skin and heats up the surface layers of the skin, improving blood circulation and raising oxygen levels in the blood. This has been shown that it can enhance metabolism, delay the ageing process (see references) and promote breast health.

When excess heat is released from the skin’s surface it is transferred by the fabric and released as FIR.

Negative Ion Emission

Your body ages when your cells accumulate free radical damage over time through the natural human physiological process and interaction with the environment.

Stress, smoking, alcohol or air pollutants may be the cause of free radicals. Negative ions help to balance and prevent oxidation by neutralizing the free radicals in our cells. As a result, cells are revitalized and immunity is strengthened.

Free radicals steal electrons from DNA and accumulation of DNA damage in your cells can lead to cancer.

LoveKISSY Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer Care - Promoting breast health
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The negative ions give an extra electron to the free radical which is then neutralized. This reduces free radicals in the body, lowers the risk of sickness and disease and promotes breast health.

Moisture Wicking

The inorganic nano-particles include a light reactive material, which gives the yarn a loose porous structure. The increased surface area allows better water evaporation thus avoiding sweat pooling on the skin. The porous structure employs capillary action to activate the moisture-wicking function.

In addition, the modified bamboo charcoal powder has moisture-absorbing properties which help keep underwear and skin in a fresh and dry condition.

Thermal Regulation

The non-latex breast pads are manufactured with Cell Solution® Clima, an advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) which helps them adjust to the skin’s comfort temperature. Cell Solution® Clima can absorb excessive body heat, and when the temperature drops, disperse it again. Thus temperature regulation is assured, providing extraordinary wearing comfort and an excellent microclimate.

Bacteriostatic Materials

grandCOT multifunctional yarn can inhibit bacterial growth and reduce the possibility of bacterial infection.

Odor Resistant

Underwear and other base-layer garments made from man-made fibres often suffer from an unpleasant odour after wearing for a few hours. This is caused by an accumulation of bacteria in the fabric because of poor moisture wicking abilities. grandCOT’s anti-bacterial properties reduce the build up of bacteria and reduce the odour they produce.

Ultraviolet Protection

UV-A rays age skin cells and damage your DNA. These rays are linked to long-term skin damage such as wrinkles and skin cancer. grandCOT multifunctional yarn protects your skin from harmful UV rays.


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